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Training / Board & Train ...

Fast and effective. At Canine Comfort Corner we use positive dog training methods to teach your dog new communication skills so that he can become a good family member and a wonderful companion. Training can be done while your dog boards with us, or you may arrange private training sessions with us.

At the end of your dog's visit, you will get trained along with your dog. You will learn to be a consistent, fair, and fun leader for your dog, and your dog will respect you, want to please you, hence behave well for you.
Darby learns to sit.
  Constant Practice Speeds Learning & Retention
Dogs aren't born knowing proper behaviors for life in a human society, so we show them and let them understand what is expected using positive reinforcement. This training method saves time and frustration because your dog learns the right way the first time. Short training sessions of 5 to 10 minutes throughout the day provide your dog frequent practice and reinforcement of the good behaviors. This speeds up the learning process.
Barkalee practices down-stay.

Customizable Training Program
Here's a list of typical skills we teach your dog in two weeks, while you are away on your vacation:

come: come when called
sit: sit on command and stay
down: down on command and stay

let's go: walking on a loose leash
wait: wait in the car or by the doorway until the next command to proceed
off: no jumping on people unless invited
rug: remain on a bed or rug until the next command to proceed

Your family environment may require your dog to learn some different skills, so the training program can be tailored to suit your family's needs.

Fun and Rewarding
The board and train program includes all the great benefits of boarding at Canine Comfort Corner.

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