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Whether it's just for the day or while you sail the world, your dog will love a vacation at Canine Comfort Corner. And you can relax knowing that your dog is well cared for.

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  • Whether for daycare or while you're on vacation, they get lots playing time in clean and spacious exercise yards while wrestling with other dogs, chasing tennis balls or frisbees.
  •  They can relax and do some cuddling with humans.
  • They enjoy their favorite toys and blankets from home.
  • They eat their favorite foods, same as at home, so they feel more at home and no upset tummies.
  • They get plenty of healthy treats.
  • They get personal kennels for relaxing.
  • We offer private training also.  Our rate is $80/hr per dog.

Owners Love Canine Comfort Corner too!


  • Trained professionals keep everything operating efficiently.
  • The safety, well being, and happiness of your dog is our goal.
  • Young or shy dogs improve their social skills with doggy and human friends.
  • We maintain a clean, natural, and healthy environment for dogs and humans (we do not use harsh chemicals for cleaning).
  • Your dog enjoys plenty of exercise and relaxation during his stay.
  • We cater to your dog's needs and preferences -- whether that means chasing balls all day or wrestling with other doggy friends.
  • Want to bring your dog home clean?  We provide bathing for an additional charge.

Canine Comfort Corner will make every effort to accommodate your request for boarding dates and times. In order to provide personalized care and high quality service to every guest, we schedule arrival and departure times in advance; therefore, occasionally we may not be available for your first choice of date/time. We appreciate your understanding.

Boarding Contract
If you would like to view, print, and complete our Boarding Contract prior to arriving, download it online and fill out.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Two weeks boarding including training: $2000

Private training: $100 per hour

Here's a list of typical skills we teach your dog in two weeks, while you are away on your vacation:

come: come when called

sit: sit on command and stay

down: down on command and stay

let's go: walking on a loose leash

wait: wait in the car or by the doorway until the next command to proceed

off: no jumping on people unless invited

rug/bed: remain on a bed or rug until the next command to proceed

Your family environment may require your dog to learn some different skills, so the training program can be tailored to suit your family's needs.

Good question! Although the schedule varies depending on weather and number of guests, a typical day goes something like this:
7:00-7:30am: First potty
7:30-9:30am: Breakfast and rest
9:30am-6:00pm: Play, nap, play, nap, play, nap... in rotating shifts out to the playfields and back; clean-up and dry-off
6:00-8:00pm: Dinner and rest
8:00-9:00pm: Last potty
9:00pm: Bedtime

Proof of vaccinations: bring proof of up-to-date DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations.

A note about Kennel Cough: Bordetella, or kennel cough, is a very common and contagious illness that is difficult to prevent or contain. It transmits both by air (coughing, sneezing) and through contact with saliva (toys, water bowls, floor surfaces). Vaccines offer some prevention but are not 100% effective. With an incubation period of 6-10 days, a dog may already be a carrier of bordetella when he arrives although he is not yet symptomatic. When an outbreak occurs we make every possible effort to minimize your dog's exposure, but isolation and disinfection at this point are only somewhat helpful. We also call or otherwise warn owners prior to drop-off; however, we cannot be held responsible for the timing of an outbreak or for making alternate arrangements, and we are in no way obligated to refund payment for your dog's stay with us or for your vet bill

Your pet's own food: same as at home. Bring enough for the duration plus a couple of extra meals.
Toys, etc.: due to COVID please DO NOT bring things from home that your dog would like, such as blankets, toys, and special treats.

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  • Change Fee: $15 per date change once the booking is confirmed.  This will be automatically added to your reservation invoice and billed at the end of your pet's stay. 

  • Cancellation Fee: 

    • We require 7 days notice to cancel an existing boarding reservation.  If your reservation is canceled within 7 days of the reservation date, you will be billed for 25% of the total reservation

We do not accept intact dogs or bitches older than 8 months of age.

Yes!  We can bathe your dog while staying with us.  We charge an additional $45-85 depending on the size of your dog.  We also have a spa day package for $86.

Check out the new winter training schedule!

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